What Is a Happy Birthday Jesus Poem?

A Happy Birthday Jesus poem is a poem that wishes Jesus a happy birthday. Traditionally, most Christians celebrate Jesus's birthday on Christmas Day, which is December 25th on the Julian calendar and January 7th on the Gregorian calendar.

Christmas was once considered exclusively a Christian holiday, but through the years, its celebration has become increasingly secularized and commercialized. In an attempt to draw the focus back to Jesus, the Christian God whose birth as a man is celebrated on Christmas, many people engage in rituals or activities that are centered around Jesus instead of Santa Claus.

A Happy Birthday Jesus poem is one way for Christians to center the holiday around Jesus. A Happy Birthday Jesus poem could be a sweeping epic about his life and the miracles he performed, or it could be a short lyrical poem written by or for children.

A Happy Birthday Jesus poem can be performed as a haiku. A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem that has a line with seven syllables, a line with five syllables, and a final line with five syllables. One example of a Happy Birthday Jesus haiku poem is "Happy Birthday God / Jesus born in a manger / Let's celebrate now!"