What Happens in the Seventh Season "Sons of Anarchy"?


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The seventh season of "Sons of Anarchy" focuses on Jax Teller seeking revenge for the death of his wife, Tara. In the season six finale, Tara is brutally murdered by Jax's mother, Gemma. With the help of SAMCRO club member Juice, Gemma pins the murder on a rival Chinese gang.

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The seventh and finale season of "Sons of Anarchy" picks up a few days after Tara's murder. Jax is in jail for prior gun charges, Juice hides out at Wendy's vacant apartment, and Gemma contemplates the situation she has created. Wendy returns from rehab and steps in as caretaker for Thomas and Abel, Jax's sons.

Once Jax is released from jail, he pulls SAMCRO into a bloody street war with Henry Lin and the Chinese Triad gang based on Gemma's false intel. Wayne Unser assists Sherriff Jarry in solving Tara's murder, while Nero attempts to put a life of crime behind him and leave Charming. Jax's war for vengeance leads to unlikely alliances and a division within the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club.

When the ugly truth is finally revealed, Jax comes to terms with his actions and makes the ultimate decision. He does what is best for his family and for the motorcycle club.

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