What Happens in Season 5 of Glee?


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Season 5 of the popular television series "Glee" picks up in the middle of the previous school year after the glee club is disbanded because of their loss at Nationals when Sue takes over as principal of WMHS. This season shows a deeper side to the show, as the students have to cope with death and rejection.

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The season starts off with Blaine asking Kurt to marry him in an episode paying tribute to the Beatles. The joy is short lived, though, because soon after the character of Finn Hudson dies, as the actor died in real life, and the cast must cope with the loss. The season picks back up to follow once minor characters such as Tina as she makes her way to prom queen and Kitty the cheerleader as she starts a romance with Artie.

The show also updates the characters living in New York City, such as Santana as she struggles to find a place to fit in and Rachel as she decides to quit school to follow her Broadway dreams. The season comes to a wrap as Rachel is offered her own television series and the seniors of WMHS graduate and prepare to join the others in New York.

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