What Happens in Part 3 of "Atlas Shrugged"?


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In "Atlas Shrugged, Part Three," protagonist Dagny Taggart is in a plane crash and wakes in a valley where retired industrialists are living. While there, she meets John Galt and falls in love.

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Taggart learns that Galt has been taking the country's best entrepreneurs from society to join him in the Utopian Galt's Gulch. Taggart, a railroad company executive, returns to the railroad despite her love for Galt. She discovers that the railroad has been nationalized. She is blackmailed into delivering a speech meant to calm fears about new laws, but she instead uses it to warn people about the government.

As the economy collapses, Galt takes over the airwaves as the nation's leader prepares for his own address. He delivers a lengthy speech, after which the government tries to make him an economic dictator. He is captured and tortured but refuses to help them. Taggart and a group of strikers rescue Galt, and they return to the valley, where Taggart joins their group, which plans to return when society's collapse is complete.

Reviewers of the film version of "Atlas Shrugged, Part Three" have noted that it is a loyal adaptation of the book. The movie includes cameos by Ron Paul and Glenn Beck, who offer commentary.

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