What Happens to Nagisa in "Clannad"?


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In the Japanese visual novel "Clannad," Nagisa marries Tomoya after graduating from high school and gives birth to a daughter named Ushio, but Nagisa dies shortly after childbirth. Tomoya wishes for a miracle to turn back time so he can prevent Nagisa's death. His wish comes true when he travels back in time and Nagisa delivers Ushio without any problems.

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Nagisa Furukawa is the lead character in the story of Clannad. She is a sweet, innocent and sensitive teenager. She suffers long periods of poor health throughout her life, including one protracted illness that causes her to repeat her final year in school. For this reason, she is one year older than Tomoya Okazaki when she meets him on the path to school. Her unusual habit of reciting the names of food she plans to eat attracts Tomoya's attention. At the end of the main Clannad story, the two fall in love.

In the After Story, Nagisa and Tomoya persevere through another bout of illness that requires Nagisa to repeat the final year of school again. This time, she manages to attend school and visit Tomoya at his apartment every day. She is too ill to attend her graduation, so Tomoya organizes a private ceremony for her.

Soon after the graduation ceremony, Nagisa and Tomoya marry. Now called Nagisa Okazaki, she begins to work as a waitress at a family restaurant until she becomes pregnant with Ushio and the dramatic ending of the After Story unfolds.

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