What Happens at Mark Patrick Seminars?

During Mark Patrick Seminars programs, the presenter provides information about weight loss or smoking cessation in the first half of the program; this information is then used in the second half during a group hypnosis event to promote healthy behaviors. The group hypnosis technique is called clinical waking hypnosis.

The information given by the presenter in the initial portion of the seminar relates to the physical and psychological effects of the behavior in question, whether that is weight loss or smoking cessation. This includes details of hormonal effects and addiction chemicals. The information is provided so that the audience can understand the second half because they will already know what the presenter is talking about. During the hypnosis session, this knowledge helps create a working mental script for the attendees to follow with regard to their behaviors, reinforcing positive choices and deterring bad ones.

Mark Patrick Seminars offers a money-back guarantee for clients who are not content after their seminars, but this must be claimed on the day, before any long-term effects have been observed. Several positive testimonials are available for the seminars' method and effects, but the website notes that testimonial bearers' results are exceptional and are not the average expected outcome.