What Happens on the Last Episode of "Revenge?"?

On the series finale of “Revenge,” titled “Two Graves,” Amanda Clarke pleads guilty to Victoria Grayson’s murder, despite knowing that Victoria faked her own death. Nolan Ross helps Amanda escape from a maximum security prison, while Victoria plots with Margaux LeMarchal to lure Amanda out of hiding by sending an assassin after Nolan. Their conflicting schemes lead Amanda and Victoria to a showdown, in which David Clarke shoots Victoria to prevent his daughter from becoming soulless and irredeemable.

The title of the final episode is a reference to the pilot episode, in which Amanda reflects upon the Confucius quote, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” In the opening flashback of “Two Graves,” David tells young Amanda that personal choices determine whether a person is evil. Amanda learns that Victoria and Margaux are responsible for hiring the assassin White Gold, who murdered Detective Ben Hunter, Amanda’s recent ex-boyfriend. Amanda decides murdering Victoria is her only option, because Victoria isn’t likely to ever leave Amanda’s loved ones alone.

Throughout the episode, Victoria is confronted with the extent of her own depravity, especially when she secretly attends her own funeral and discovers that neither of her remaining children are in attendance. Victoria’s minions, Margaux and Louise Ellis, also abandon her and eventually help Nolan and Amanda trap Victoria and White Gold. Before dying, Victoria shoots Amanda, but Amanda survives with a heart transplant and marries Jack Porter. David Clarke dies from cancer, and Amanda sends a new “revenge-seeker” to Nolan for help.