What Happens When Krillin Dies in "Dragon Ball"?

Krillin's death often spurs Goku into action as revenge in the "Dragon Ball" anime series. The character of Krillin has died four times in the "Dragon Ball GT" series, coming back each time to fight again.

Krillin's death comes in four different episodes and eras of the "Dragon Ball GT" timeline.

  • In 753 Age, he is killed by Tambourine in a tournament and Goku avenges him.
  • In December, 762 Age, he is killed by Frieza using telekinesis and Goku goes on to defeat Frieza in battle to avenge him.
  • In 774 Age, he is killed in a battle with Majin Buu as everyone else escapes; Majin Buu turns him into chocolate and he is eaten.
  • In 795 Age, he is killed by Android 17 and 18; Gohan survives and goes on to train the future Trunks.