What Happens to Katniss in "Mockingjay"?

In "Mockingjay," Katniss Everdeen faces still more turmoil followed by respite. After the uprising, Katniss hunts again in District 12, while Peeta bakes and life goes on in a normal fashion.

Katniss, being the "girl on fire" and the "mockingjay," leads the rebellion against the Capitol. She leads from afar at first, shooting promotional videos to gain support from all of the districts. Eventually, she wants to fight in the Capitol, but first, she must gain her strength and prove her prowess again.

When the time comes for her to fight, Katniss loses many of her friends and loved ones, including Prim and Finnick. Coin, the president of District 13, ends up taking control of the Capitol, leaving the former President Snow to be locked up. Snow, who promised Katniss that he would never lie to her, tells Snow that it was Coin who was responsible for Prim and all the other children's death. Snow tells Katniss that Coin will become a tyrant, so instead of killing ex-President Snow as she has wished for quite some time, Katniss kills Coin instead.

Katniss is described by her doctor as being delusional. Having killed Coin by accident, she is simply sent back to District 12 to live as normal of a life as she can with Haymitch, Peeta and Gale watching over her. She decides to take away some of her emotional pain by writing accounts about the memories of all those who lost their lives in the ordeal, according to Cliffs Notes.