What Happens on the Grammys Red Carpet?


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Events that typically take place on the red carpet during the Grammys include interviews of the attendees and those nominated for awards, speculation by hosts and pundits as to who may win and segments highlighting various fashions. In some instances, musicians may also perform as part of the preshow.

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What Happens on the Grammys Red Carpet?
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The Grammys are an annual music awards program in which the best musicians, producers and spoken word artists receive recognition for their work. Prior to the actual awards ceremony is a red carpet event in which the attendees arrive and pose for photographs from fans and paparazzi. Many celebrities use these red carpet arrivals to showcase their outfits and promote different fashion designers, with many entertainment publications offering extensive coverage of the trends and styles of the celebrities during this time.

Another major aspect of the red carpet period is interviews with the various celebrities in attendance. Many web and television networks maintain programs in which one or several hosts speak to each guest and ask questions about her fashion choices, predictions for the outcome of the awards and other aspects of the celebrity's life. Between the arrivals of the various guests, these hosts also discuss and speculate on the potential winners for the night and dissect the actions and appearances of the guests. These shows may also include performances from various artists and summaries of the careers of those nominated.

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