What Happens in the Fourth Season of "Alaska: The Last Frontier"?

What Happens in the Fourth Season of "Alaska: The Last Frontier"?

In the fourth season of "Alaska: The Last Frontier," viewers follow the Kilcher family as they attempt to move a 2-ton bridge, battle a heat wave, face off with a grizzly bear and fish the salmon run. This season also follows the family through Thanksgiving, Christmas and their winter preparations.

Season four begins amidst hot weather, with Otto and Charlotte facing a threat to their cattle and the others attempting to move a heavy bridge in order to cross the glacial rivers. The show progresses to Jane's first black bear hunt, which ends with the family having to defend their home against grizzly bears.

The family struggles with higher than normal temperatures and an inexperienced crew. However, the family manages to successfully introduce two new bulls into their herd and complete a year's worth of work in just four months.

Camera crews follow as the family harvests salmon at the salmon run and butchers a cow in order to stock up the freezer for the winter months. This season also follows the family through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, with each member playing "Secret Santa" to another member of the family.

As winter nears, Eivin and August attempt to buy 10 tons of priceless steel, and the family continues to stock up on salmon and hunt black bears and deer for their winter food stores. Disaster strikes as strong tides overpower the herd and the family secures the cabin. In a dramatic twist, Jane and Atz Lee think about leaving the homestead.