What Happens in the "Avengers 2" Trailer?


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The trailer for the second Avengers movie, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" introduces the movie's villain, Ultron, as well as the characters of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. The trailer also shows an assortment of action scenes from the movie, including Iron Man firing upon soldiers, Hulk throwing a car at the Hulk Buster armor and Thor crushing a tank. The trailer ends with mysterious footage of all of the main characters, except Tony Stark, lying dead.

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The trailer opens with a view of a city skyline, followed by interior shots of the Avengers tower, where the group is assembled casually drinking and enjoying each other's company. The male members of the group are attempting to lift Thor's hammer. Tony Stark is the first to try, failing on the first attempt, then returning with his Iron Man glove only to fail again. Hawkeye also fails, as does Bruce Banner. Captain America's attempt yields some movement, but ultimately also fails. Thor declares them all unworthy, which cues the voice of Ultron, saying: "You're all not worthy."

Ultron enters as a broken robotic form and the action montage begins. By the end of the trailer, Ultron is displayed in a more robust-looking metallic form, followed by the title card and the footage of the apparently dead Avengers.

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