What Happens After the Final Rose on "The Bachelor"?

happens-after-final-rose-bachelor Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

ABC reality show "The Bachelor" typically airs an hour-long special following the season finale called "After the Final Rose" where host Chris Harrison presents interviews and clips with the bachelor, the winner and some finalists. Though the show itself is pre-taped, "After the Final Rose" is aired live.

The interviews on "After the Final Rose" are geared toward allowing contestants on the show to discuss controversial moments and highlights from the season, but they also reveal some information about their lives since the taping finished. There is typically a gap of several months between the period when "The Bachelor" wraps production and the airing of the complete season. During this time, the Bachelor and his chosen winner are forbidden to see each other in order to avoid revealing the winner to the media.

In March 2015, the 19th season of "The Bachelor" concluded with Chris Soules becoming engaged to Whitney Bischoff. On "After the Final Rose," Harrison revealed that Bischoff had violated the rules by traveling to see Soules and his family. He also revealed that she refused to watch the episodes of the show as they aired. The special also featured interviews with the runners-up of the season, Becca Tilley and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

On May 28, 2015, Soules and Bischoff announced the end of their relationship. As of 2015, only one of the 19 couples produced by "The Bachelor" is married: 17th-season star Sean Lowe and winner Catherine Giudici.