What Happened in the "Sister Wives" Season Three Finale?


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The season three finale of "Sister Wives" focused on the Browns' preparation for both Logan's send-off and their move into new homes. The episode also touches on Kody's thinning hair and the possibility of another baby for Meri.

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Kody met with all the wives to discuss their design ideas for the new homes. Tempers flared between Kody and Meri after Kody told her that her design was over budget due to the inclusion of a wet bar. Meri went as far as to bring Robyn in as an ally in the argument, but the conflict still remained unresolved by the end of the episode.

The Brown family gave gifts to Logan before he left for college. Logan received a video of each member sharing a memory of Logan, as well as a quilt that featured pictures of the family and their signatures. The Brown family began to grasp the fact the while Logan is the first of the children to leave home, many more are soon to follow as they graduate high school.

Kody's hairstylist mentioned his thinning hair, to which Kody replied that he would like her to shave it all off. Kody stopped the stylist before the razor touches his head and explained to her that it was only a joke. The question of whether or not Meri should have another baby is broached one last time before the end of the episode, with no decision made until the Browns have moved into their new homes.

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