What Happened on Season Two of the Syfy Show "Bitten?"?


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In the beginning of season two of the Syfy series "Bitten," Elena Michaels and her pack are tracking down Malcolm Danvers, who is Jeremy Danvers' father. It ends with a fight in the catacombs that puts a halt to the Undoing.

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In the season's second episode, Malcolm is at Stonehaven and refuses to reveal the location of Rachel Sutton, who he kidnapped with the help of a minion. Meanwhile, Jeremy and his pack are searching for Malcolm as well. Elena is kidnapped in episode four, and the pack and the witches try to find her. Logan Jonsen searches for Rachel, who is pregnant with his child. It is later revealed that Rachel is being brainwashed.

Elena and Clayton Danvers become more serious during the season and start thinking about their future together. During the season, flashbacks reveal the background of Aleister, who is responsible for the Undoing. The werewolves and witches team up to find him and stop him.

In the finale, Elena and Paige Winterbourne arrive at the Delphi, but Aleister, Clara Sullivan and Savannah Levine are not there. Aleister is trying to keep Ruth Winterbourne from killing him when Elena and Paige arrive at the catacombs. Their fight is successful, but Logan does not survive.

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