What Happened in Season Two Episode One of the Show "The Blacklist"?

What Happened in Season Two Episode One of the Show "The Blacklist"?

The season two premiere of "The Blacklist" begins with Red obtaining information about who hired bounty hunters to find him: a cyber tracker with the code name "Lord Baltimore." Liz annuls her marriage to Tom.

Aram finds a cyber engineer named Rowan Mills, who may be a lead on Lord Baltimore. The FBI finds information indicating Rowan is actually Lord Baltimore, but she claims that it could be her twin sister, Nora, who was thought to be dead.

Red visits with Cooper, but is abducted afterward by Samar Navabi. He's freed by an executive order, and through information discovered by Aram he learns Lord Baltimore's target is Red's ex-wife, Naomi Hyland. Liz goes to a dinner party where Naomi is located to take her to safety, but Naomi refuses.

A man goes to Rowan's loft and plays a record, which turns her into her sister Nora, as she is revealed to have a personality disorder. She takes a team and abducts Naomi. Liz subdues Nora and calls Red to tell him she has Lord Baltimore, but Naomi is already in the hands of Berlin.

Nora eventually gives the FBI Naomi's location, but only one member of Nora's team is left when they arrive. Red gets a location from the team member, but by the time he gets there, Berlin and Naomi are gone. He later receives a package containing a phone and a box. The box has Naomi's thumb.