What Happened in Season Six of "The Vampire Diaries"?


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Season six of "The Vampire Diaries" began with Caroline's determination to reverse a spell on Mystic Falls, Elena's return to college and Alaric's transition to the vampire lifestyle. During the finale, many characters die, including Jo and Liv, while Elena succumbs to a sleeping spell and Tyler becomes a werewolf.

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Early on in season six of "The Vampire Diaries," Alaric compels Elena to lose all memories involving Damon, who she believes is dead. Damon returns, but Elena only remembers small pieces of her past with him and is unable to regain her love for him initially. Jo announces she is pregnant later in the season, prompting Alaric to propose to her. Jo suggests to Alaric that he spend the next 18 years of his life being a father, and he can travel around and kill vampires once those 18 years are over.

Once she begins to again desire a future with Damon, Elena expresses to him that she does not want to be a vampire anymore. He agrees to take a cure that can turn them both back into humans. A massacre occurs at Jo and Alaric's wedding that results in many attendees, including Jo herself, dying. Elena goes under her sleeping spell at the wedding, and it renders her unconscious for the remainder of Bonnie's life.

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