What Happened on Season Four of "Revenge?"?


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In season four of "Revenge," Emily lives in Grayson Manor. Victoria is attempting to escape the mental hospital to which she was committed. Emily finally takes out the Graysons and finds out that her father and the men who kidnapped him are still alive.

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In the first episode of season four, Emily plans a Memorial Day party and enacts a plan to make things right for Nancy, but her plan backfires. At the end, Victoria is kidnapped by David Clarke.

In the first part of the season, Emily is in danger from Victoria, who controls David. In episode 11, Emily and Victoria unite against a common enemy. As the season progresses, Emily and David leave the Hamptons for good. Nolan gets married, and his wedding receives negative feedback. Emily ends up seeing Margaux's true colors.

Emily and Victoria realize they must continue to work together, even as Emily fights to discover the truth about her unlikely ally. Victoria ends up reaching a breaking point and making a decision that has consequences for Emily. At the end of the season, Emily confesses her crimes, and Victoria meets with Margaux in disguise to confess hers. Emily and Victoria battle it out with some interference from Emily's father.

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