What happened in season four of the ABC Family show Kyle XY?


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Kyle XY did not have a fourth season. The ABC Family show was canceled about halfway through its 10 episode third season. It is likely that this occurred due to lower ratings in the third season.

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Although the show did not actually have a fourth season, the third season ended with many cliffhangers and unanswered questions. However, the DVD set of the third season includes a featurette in which cast members and actors share their thoughts and ideas about what would have happened in the fourth season.

The show chronicled the life of teenager Kyle, who was adopted by the Trager family. Soon after taking him in, the Tragers discover that Kyle is not your average teenager. They find that he has psychic abilities and other mysterious powers. The family tries to teach Kyle typical human emotions, such as love and anger, while protecting him from those who wanted to use his powers for evil.

Kyle XY was the first original show to air on ABC Family, but the drop in ratings in the third season led the network to cancel the show in favor of other new shows that were achieving higher popularity. The show was nominated for several awards and won the TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Children's Programming.

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