What Happened in Season 7 of ABC's Castle?


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Season 7 of ABC's "Castle" followed on from Richard Castle's traffic accident at the end of season 6, finding him lost at sea and unaware of the events of the preceding 2 months. The season ends with a portrayal of Castle's beginnings as a mystery writer, taking viewers back 30 years from Castle's present day discovery of a dead female body with a ritualistically carved face. While staying at a friend's house close to a forest, viewers see a young Castle discover a dead body with similar facial carvings and the cloaked murderer leaving the scene, who warns Castle to keep what he has seen a secret.

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Back in the present, Castle and Beckett begin to investigate the more recent murder. Their investigation eventually leads them to a man named Noah, who has been living with his deceased and decaying mother, and from Noah to his psychiatrist, Dr. Holtzman. Castle suspects Holtzman of being the killer and confirms his suspicions by finding the porcelain mask he saw the murderer wearing 30 years prior and a scrapbook detailing the victims.

After shooting Holtzman in a struggle, Castle receives an award for his writing work and the season ends on an optimistic note, albeit with a phone call reporting another murder.

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