What Happened on "Modern Family" During Season One?

What Happened on "Modern Family" During Season One?

The major events of the first season of "Modern Family" were the aftermath of Jay and Gloria's marriage, the adoption of Lily by Cameron and Mitchell, and Claire and Phil's renewal of vows during the family vacation in Hawaii. The season was 24 episodes and aired from 2009 to 2010.

In the pilot of "Modern Family," Jay Pritchett, the family patriarch, has just married a much younger, Colombian woman, Gloria. Much of season one focuses on the family adjusting to life with his new wife and her son, Manny.

The pilot also introduces Jay's son, Mitchell, and his partner, Cameron. They have just adopted a baby daughter, Lily, from Vietnam. Mitchell and Cameron introduce the family to Lily in the first episode, and much of the couple's storyline for season one focuses on their adventures in raising Lily: taking her to get her picture taken with Santa, reacting to her first injury and dealing with her first word "mommy" when they are parenting her as two dads.

Jay's daughter, Claire Dunphy, is a housewife who spends much of the first season trying to keep order in her chaotic brood of two teenage daughters, a pre-teen son and her husband, Phil. She struggles with accepting her father's marriage to a woman who is her own age. In the second to the last episode, Phil and Claire have a renewal of vows ceremony in Hawaii to make up for the wedding they never had, as she was already pregnant with their daughter Haley when they were married.

The final episode focuses on the family taking a family portrait. Their all-white clothes end up soiled with mud, but the family is happy and realize that, while they are not perfect, they are a family.