What Happened With Mariah Carey's Wardrobe Malfunction?

During Mariah Carey’s career, she has had multiple wardrobe malfunctions on and off stage that have been covered by several media outlets. In June 2015, Carey suffered a wardrobe malfunction with her top while vacationing in southern Italy. Carey wore a pink and black wetsuit with a bikini underneath that failed to stay on as she received help getting onto a jet ski. Some nearby paparazzi snapped pictures of the incident and of Carey on the beach with her family.

In May 2015, Carey suffered another wardrobe malfunction while performing onstage in a Las Vegas, Nevada, concert. During her performance, Carey wore a coral satin gown and crouched down revealing up her dress. Pictures of the incident were also captured and showed her wearing undergarments that matched her outfit. The performance took place at Caesar’s Palace and marked her first show during her new Las Vegas residency.

In May 2013, Carey suffered yet another wardrobe malfunction, this time on live television. While performing on “Good Morning America” in New York City’s Central Park, Carey wore a Versace gown on stage. During an interview with Lara Spencer, Carey stated that the back of her dress popped and held the top of the dress to keep it on. Helpers soon appeared on stage and helped her zip up the back of the gown. Carey later performed some of her hit songs and also had issues with her microphone pack clipping to her dress, leading to her accidentally cursing on live TV.