What Happened on the Mad Men Series Finale?


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The series finale of "Mad Men," titled "Person to Person," concluded the story of Don Draper. The episode also covered the fates of supporting characters, such as Pete Campbell, Peggy Olson and Joan Halloway.

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The final episode of "Mad Men" begins with Don Draper calling his daughter, Sally, from Utah. Sally informs Don that Betty, Sally's mother and one of Don's ex-wives, has cancer. Following this revelation, Don journeys to California, where he visits his friend's daughter, Stephanie. At Stephanie's suggestion, Don accompanies her to a spiritual retreat to recover from his numerous traumas. Don has a breakthrough at a group therapy session, in which he hugs another man who shared stories similar to what Don experienced. Don's story ends as he sits with a group on the side of a cliff, meditating peacefully.

Other characters' subplots are featured in the episode as well. Joan Halloway starts a movie production company and unsuccessfully attempts to recruit Peggy Olson to join her. Peggy and her friend, Stan Rizzo, realize their mutual love for each other and passionately kiss. Pete Campbell reconciles with his ex-wife, Trudy, and the two move to Wichita, Kansas. Roger Sterling is happily married to Marie Calvet, the mother of Don's latest ex-wife, Megan.

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