What Happened on the Last Episode of "Nashville"?

Season Three's finale of "Nashville" features Juliette ignoring her current family in order to focus on her music. Meanwhile, Deacon and Beverly are preparing to have surgery, but are nervous about the outcome. Jeff and Layla continue to have relationship issues. Teddy is arrested for failing to turn in Tandy Hampton. Scarlett and Gunnar grow closer while Will and Kevin come out as gay. Deacon and Beverly flat line during surgery.

The last episode of Season Three, titled "Before You Go Make Sure You Know," ends in a cliffhanger, and Nashville is renewed for a fourth season as of 2015. In the season finale, Juliette not only puts her music above her family, but fires her current manager and signs with Luke, even though she is already signed under another contract. Her new husband is unhappy with her choices and decides to hit the road, taking their child with him.

While Deacon and Beverly prepare for surgery, Deacon becomes anxious about the outcome, fearing that he might not make it through the liver transplant.

Jeff and Layla continue to have relationship issues when she discovers a picture of him holding her phone, meaning he is the source of a Twitter war with Jade. She ends up smashing his car with a golf club but the couple later reconciles.

Teddy is arrested for failing to turn in Tandy, as Highway 65 might possibly be funded by stolen money. Meanwhile, Scarlett and Gunnar grow closer together.

Will and Kevin decide to come out as gay publicly as damage control. Originally Will was going to deny it, but later changes his mind because of Kevin.

The episode ends with Deacon and Beverly in surgery while the heart monitor shows a flat line.