What Happened in the Last Episode of "Gold Rush?"?

What Happened in the Last Episode of "Gold Rush?"?

The last episode of the fifth season of Discovery Channel's reality television series "Gold Rush," entitled "The Whole Truth," features the miners discussing the highs, lows, disputes and drama of the last season. Todd, Tony and Parker also reveal plans for next season, and miner Gene Cheeseman calls it quits.

"The Whole Truth" opens as the series' narrator informs viewers that the episode will reveal new information about the show and feature never before seen footage from the fifth season.

As the men reflect on the events of the previous season, each miner speaks personally about his experiences. Parker confesses that he often struggles to hire qualified rock truck drivers, and a producer comments that Parker once hired and lost an employee in the same day. Parker also reflects on the drama surrounding an incident in which his crew fired guns in camp during Parker's absence.

The narrator reveals that in the sixth season, the Hoffman crew take their operations at McKinnon Creek to the next level with new technology. Tony, Parker's rival, then speaks about his new dredge and announces plans to get more dredges on his property to increase his profits. The episode ends with the resignation of Gene Cheeseman, a long-time member of Parker's crew.

Aired on March 13, 2015, as a bonus episode following the season finale, "The Whole Truth" is the 91st episode in the series' history.