What Happened in the First Season of "Flash Forward"?


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The first season of "FlashForward" involves everyone on Earth losing consciousness for 137 seconds, and then waking up with visions of their lives six months in the future. A team of FBI agents in Los Angeles works to figure out what caused the event.

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The FBI's investigation is led by Special Agent Mark Bedford, a former alcoholic, played by Joseph Fiennes, whose "flashforward" guides the investigation. He is assisted by Special Agent Demetri Noh, played by John Cho, and Special Agent Janis Hawk (Christine Woods). They are supervised by FBI Assistant Director Stanley Wedeck, played by Courtney B. Vance. The FBI are assisted by characters such as Mark's wife, Olivia, played by Sonya Walger, and Dr. Simon Campos, played by Dominic Monaghan.

The season, and the series, concludes with the events of the show catching up to those seen in the flashforwards. However, there are minor alterations, which drastically change the lives of the characters. Mark returns to drinking after the FBI receives a bomb threat, and becomes trapped in the FBI headquarters, which is attacked by conspirators attempting to bring about another blackout. In the final moments of the show, Mark has another vision of the future, though without any idea of how far in advance he is seeing.

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