What Happened in the Final Episode of "The Mentalist"?


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The series finale of the "The Mentalist" ended with the much anticipated engagement of characters Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon. The last episode of the show's seven-season run ended in fairy tale bliss.

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This two-hour finale was riddled with melodrama from the outset. In the first hour, the serial killer, Lazarus, also a blood harvester, kidnapped Jane. While Jane is left unattended by his captor, he does some snooping about and stumbles onto his abductor's father's corpse. Jane uses this information to convince Lazarus that he did, in fact, possess incredible mental faculties. Jane next staged an explosion and was able to escape, but Lazarus got away too.

The next scene finds Jane and Lisbon at their cabin, partaking in a romantic afternoon, when Lisbon happens to notice Jane is not wearing his wedding ring. Jane's boyish glance meets her eyes and he says, "I'm not married anymore." With that very same ring he proposes to Lisbon. He explains to her that this ring is a symbol of his past and his future.

Wedding plan's ensue, while Lisbon prefers a meek set of vows exchanged at the Justice of the Peace, her plans are dashed by her brothers and a quaint ceremony is planned for the cabin. As the celebration closes in, Lazarus returns to finish the job. He emerges from the trunk of the officiant's car, but to no avail. The FBI was enthusiastically awaiting him. Vows were exchanged, and in the final moments, Lisbon tells Jane she's pregnant.

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