What Happened on Doc Martin's Final Episode?

What Happened on Doc Martin's Final Episode?

"Departure," which is the final episode of "Doc Martin" as of 2015, begins with Louisa taking baby James to Spain. Martin notices an arteriovenous malformation in Louisa's CT scan, which could hemorrhage on the plane. He rushes to the airport and saves her by performing an emergency surgery.

"Departure" aired on Oct. 21, 2013 and is the eighth episode of season six of "Doc Martin." However, the show has a seventh season planned.

In the episode, after Louisa leaves, Martin asks Ruth for advice. She tells him his blood phobia and emotional issues may both have the same cause, a lack of love during his childhood. He then talks to his mother, finally understanding her schemes, and tells her to leave. When he arrives at the airport, he has to get Louisa off the plane and operate on her, overcoming his blood phobia.

Side plots include Ruth and Al partnering up for a bed and breakfast business in addition to Bert and Jennifer's wedding reception. During the reception, a generator electrocutes DJ Caroline. Morwenna and Al call Martin for advice on saving her.

The episode ends with a conversation between Martin and Louisa. Louisa tells Martin that nothing has changed, and Martin responds by telling her she's his wife and his patient.