What Happened With Bill O'Reilly's Divorce?

Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly and his wife, Maureen McPhilmy, divorced in 2011. O'Reilly later was accused of domestic violence during a child custody battle. O'Reilly denied the allegations.

The couple separated in 2010 and in the divorce settlement agreed to joint custody of their two children. The court appointed a neutral therapist to arbitrate any future custody disputes. Gawker.com reports, however, that O'Reilly hired the neutral party to serve full-time as a nanny to his children, leading a judge to rule that McPhilmy's attempt to gain full custody be heard in court. McPhimy's attorney said the nanny was paid a six-figure salary for the job.

Gawker also reports that O'Reilly used his connections with the Nassau County Police Department to have them launch an investigation of the relationship between McPhilmy and the police detective she began dating after their separation. McPhilmy went on to marry the detective, and her church reprimanded her for continuing to take Communion despite having been divorced and remarried. Gawker suggests that O'Reilly used his connections with the diocese to compel the church's actions.

Gawker reported that in the custody case, O'Reilly's daughter said she saw him choking McPhilmy and dragging her down a staircase by the neck.