What Happened in the 2014 NCIS Finale?

In the 2014 season finale of NCIS, Leroy Gibbs learns that his father has died and later comes close to dying himself. The episode was intended to honor and say goodbye to the actor who played Gibbs's father, Ralph Waite, who passed away during the season's filming.

The episode starts out with supporting cast member characters working a case when Gibbs gets the news from Director Vance that his father has died. Gibbs goes to his hometown to organize his father's store and put it up for sale. There he meets Cal, a troubled youth his father was helping with a job at the store, who was with his father when he died. As the case builds to a climax, an escaped prisoner tracks Gibbs to his hometown and tries to kill him, but Gibbs uses his father's old shotgun to save himself. They wrap up the case and just before the funeral, Gibbs gives the keys to the store to Cal and asks him to "do good work" by running it for him. At the end of the show, a dedication is shown over a photo of Mark Harmon, who played Gibbs, and Waite together, reading, "In Memory of Ralph Waite. A Gifted Actor and our Friend."