What Happened on the 2014 Finale of "The Mentalist"?

What Happened on the 2014 Finale of "The Mentalist"?

In "Blue Bird," the 2014 finale of "The Mentalist," Jane realizes that Lisbon plans to move to Washington, D.C. with her fianc?e. He writes a letter to reopen a cold case, which delays Lisbon's plans. She is upset upon finding out but stays after he admits his love for her.

The episode, which served as the season six finale, begins with Cho and Jane working on a case. Cho tells Jane about Lisbon's upcoming move with Marcus Pike. Jane quickly solves the case, upset that he was the only one Lisbon didn't tell.

Two days before Lisbon's move, the FBI receives a note about an unsolved murder case, stating that the murderer plans to kill again. Abbott has everyone in the office work on the case, which postpones Lisbon's trip.

Lisbon and Jane speak to the victim's family and possible suspects. Believing the next murder could occur at the Blue Bird Resort, the two travel there with Abbott and Cho as backup. When they arrive, Lisbon finds out Jane booked the room a week in advance and realizes he sent the note. Lisbon is furious and leaves. She also calls Pike to accept his proposal.

Jane sets a trap for the murderer, who is arrested. Jane then goes to the airport, leaps onto the tarmac and boards the plane. He confesses his love to Lisbon before being arrested by an air marshall. The season ends with Lisbon and Jane in a TSA holding room, kissing and smiling at each other.