What Are Some Hand Seals From "Naruto"?


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Examples of hand seals from the Japanese manga "Naruto" include ne, ushi, tora and tatsu. In the series, these hand seals are part of the ninja battle technique, and they are based off the symbols in the Chinese zodiac.

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"Ne" means "rat" in Japanese. The rat is associated with the cardinal direction north and the month of November. In "Naruto," the ne hand seal is used by the Nara clan for shadow manipulation. "Ushi" is the Japanese word for "cow." This animal is linked to the direction of north-northeast and the month of December.

"Tora" is the Japanese word for "tiger" and is the third sign in the Chinese zodiac. It represents east-northeast as well as the month of January. This hand seal is associated with the fire release power in "Naruto." "Tatsu" means "dragon," which is associated with east-southeast and the month of March.

Other hand seals used in "Naruto" are mi, uma and saru. "Mi" is the Japanese word for "snake" and is associated with south-southeast and the month of April. In "Naruto," this hand seal is linked to earth manipulation as well as the wood release power. "Uma" means "horse," which is a symbol of the south and the month of May. "Saru" means "monkey," which is associated with west-southwest and the month of July.

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