Where Does "Hamlet" Take Place?


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The play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, takes place in Denmark. The bulk of the play takes place within Elsinore Castle, seat of the King of Denmark, and follows the story of Hamlet, prince of Denmark. Only four scenes take place outside the castle walls.

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In the first two scenes and last two scenes of Act 1, the action of the play takes place at Elsinore Castle, however in the third scene the action shifts to the house of Lord Chamberlain Polonius. The second act begins once again the house of Polonius, however the second and final scene of the act takes place within Elsinore Castle.

The entirety of Act 3 takes place within the castle, with the final scene taking place within the queen's apartment. The fourth act begins in the castle, but during the fourth scene, the action shifts to a plain in Denmark where the prince of Norway, Fortinbras, is marching with his forces. The final three scenes of the fourth act once again takes place in the castle.

The fifth and final act of the play is split into two scenes. The first scene takes place in a churchyard, and the second scene takes place in the castle.

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