What Is the Hallmark "Jesse Stone" Movie Series?

The Jesse Stone movie series is a collection of made-for-TV movies that aired on the CBS network starring Tom Selleck as the titular character, police chief Jesse Stone. In 2012, CBS chose not to renew the series, but in 2015, Hallmark picked up the rights to the series.

The first Jesse Stone movie, titled "Jesse Stone: Stone Cold," first aired in 2005. It focused on Selleck's character, the police chief in a small New England town, who becomes embroiled in a murder mystery plot. Subsequent films follow Stone's continued work investigating murders and other mysteries in and around his town, as well as exploring the character's background. Some movies also serve as prequels, focusing on Stone's time as a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. Each movie takes inspiration from the Robert B. Parker novels based on the same character.

After the eighth movie in the series, "Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt," which aired in 2012, CBS decided not to approve the production of more entries, despite that movie garnering approximately 13 million viewers. While many fans were upset at the loss of the movie series, star Selleck was determined to find the series a new home. In 2015, Selleck announced that the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries network would produce and air the movie series.