What Haitian Television Stations Offer Live Streaming?


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As of 2015, some Haitian television stations that offer live streaming include Radio Tele Ginen, Tele Delta 15, Haiti Cinema TV, Radio Television Caraibes, Radio Télévision Nationale d'Haïti and Tele Lakay TV. Other stations located outside of Haiti that cater to Haitian audiences and offer live streaming include Kajou TV, Radio Tele Horizon 2000, Levanjiltv TV2 and Teleboston. Teleboston and Levanjiltv TV2 are Internet TV channels.

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Radio Tele Ginen, Radio Television Caraibes and Radio Télévision Nationale d'Haïti offer news and general programming in French and Haitian Creole. Movies and entertainment are found at Tele Delta 15 and Haiti Cinema TV, which offer their programs in Haitian Creole, French and English; Kajou TV, which offers its programs in French and English; and Radio Tele Horizon 2000, which offers its programs in French and Haitian Creole.

Both Tele Lakay and Teleboston provide news, entertainment and general programming in English. Tele Lakay's target audience is Haitians living in the United States. Broadcast in English, Teleboston's programming focuses on religious, educational and cultural issues with the intentions of preserving cultural heritage and national unity while promoting Haitian culture. Levanjiltv TV2 is a Christian Internet TV station focusing on Haitian gospel music, sermons and other religious content. The language of Levanjiltv TV2's programming varies between English, French and Haitian Creole depending on the program.

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