What Are "haircutting Stories"?

haircutting-stories Credit: Fuse/Fuse/Getty Images

Haircutting stories are a niche fetish genre of literature detailing stories about men or women who have their hair cut. While the majority of the genre is for people with hair fetishes, some are good stories in their own right and use the haircut as a secondary part of the plot. Most haircut stories are amateur or hobby stories, while some are available in books and e-books.

Depending on the story, a haircutting story might include either a basic or an elaborate plot, and it might be flash fiction or a novella. Plots and themes vary from simple trips to the barbershop or hairdresser to long, drawn-out romances and love stories. Most include a basic story line about the haircut itself, as well as the characters' immediate reactions following the haircut. In some cases, haircutting stories are fan fiction that feature celebrities or famous fictional characters rather than original characters who receive the haircut. Haircut stories may cover dramatic haircuts, such as cutting very long hair to a pixie cut or even shaving it off, or they may deal with frequent cuts such as basic trims or new styles.

There are several websites dedicated to haircut stories including Haircuts Revisited, The Haircut Story Site, and several more.