What Are Some of the Guns That Vash the Stampede Used?


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Vash the Stampede's primary weapon in the "Trigun" series is the fictional AGL Arms .45 Long Colt. In episode 07, he commandeers and uses a pair of Micro Uzis. In episode 12, Vash reveals his left arm as a cybernetic prosthesis containing a semiautomatic 9-millimeter firearm, according to IMFDB.com.

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Vash the Stampede's revolver is double-action, full-sized and chambered for a .45 Long Colt. It has a 6 o' clock barrel position not unlike the Mateba Autorevolver and a break-top mechanism similar to a Schofield Model 3, says IMFDB.com. He uses a pair of Micro Uzis as well. The Micro Uzis in the series have cocking handles that wrap around the tops of the receivers, as opposed to the real-life Uzi's hook-shaped protrusion.

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