Why Does Guillermo Del Toro Fear Returning to Mexico?


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Director and screenwriter Guillermo del Toro has stated that he lives in an involuntary exile from Mexico as a result of his father's kidnapping in 1998. Del Toro fears that he, too, would be at risk were he to return to Mexico.

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Because of his level of fame, Guillermo del Toro knows that his life is highly publicized, and he worries that this kind of visibility in the public eye would make him more vulnerable to those that may intend to attack or kidnap him. While his father was eventually released, del Toro has said that he and his family later received death threats. Complicating things further, del Toro says that not all of the members involved in the kidnapping of his father have been captured. Del Toro has also stated that he particularly fears the functionaries and politicians who should be working to find answers and solutions to the current situation in Mexico but are instead sitting idly by and essentially doing nothing.

The data surrounding kidnappings in Mexico is unreliable at best, as most abductions tend to go unreported for fear of getting the police involved. However, in 2013, Mexico officially reported 1,698 kidnappings, though government officials admit that only a small percentage of kidnapping victims actually get reported, which explains why other organizations put the total closer to 27,740 or roughly 76 abductions per day.

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