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Gugu Liberato is a Brazilian television personality, actor, singer and entrepreneur. Liberato's legal name is Antônio Augusto de Moraes Liberato, and he was born to Portuguese parents in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1959. Many Brazilians consider Liberato the country's most famous entertainment personality.

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Liberato began his career in entertainment at the age of 14 as a production assistant for a Brazilian television program called "Sunday at the Park." Liberato briefly attended college to study dentistry, but left his studies after 40 days because he received an offer for a position as a television personality.

Gugu Liberato has worked on television since 1982, beginning his on-air career as a host of "Viva a Noite." In 1984, Liberato began promoting the band Menudo, which rose to great fame in Brazil. Since then, Liberato has been the host of several television shows. Most of his shows air on Saturday nights or Sundays, and many of them follow a common theme of giving out prizes and telling captivating stories.

Gugu Liberato's greatest television success came with "Domingo Legal." Although "Domingo Legal" competed with another show that was specifically created for Liberato, "Domingo Legal" was ultimately more successful and went on to achieve record ratings.

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