Which of the Greek Orders Is the Most Decorative?

Of the three major Greek column architectural orders, the Corinthian order is recognized as the most decorative and ornate. The top of the Corinthian column, which is referred to as the capital, is typically shaped like a bell with outwardly uncurling leaves.

The three Greek architectural systems, or orders, are the Doric, Ionian and Corinthian. The Corinthian order was the last to be developed during the time of the ancient Greek civilization, but two additional orders, the Tuscan and the Composite orders, were included in the architectural canon when the style regained prominence during the Renaissance.

The Corinthian order was named after Corinth, which was one of the Ancient Greek city-states. The order is, however, believed to have originally been created by Callimachus, a sculptor thought to be from the city-state of Athens.