In Greek Mythology, What Was the Symbol for the Goddess Demeter?

greek-mythology-symbol-goddess-demeter Credit: Rachel.Adams/CC-BY-2.0

Symbols for the Greek goddess Demeter include the cornucopia, wheat ears and a winged serpent. Other symbols that are associated with Demeter are symbols of the harvest, domesticated animals, some wild animals and plants.

Harvest symbols associated with Demeter are acorns, a torch, bread and honey. The animals that are symbolic of Demeter are lions, cranes, lizards, snakes and domestic animals such as cats and dogs. In Greek mythology, Demeter rode on a chariot pulled by winged serpents. Demeter's symbolic plants are poppies, columbine, daisy, foxglove, ash trees, sunflowers and oak trees. Demeter is known as the goddess of fertility, horticulture, agriculture, pig farming, motherhood and a blessed afterlife.