What Are Some Great Websites for Watching Popular Movies and Videos?


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Some good sites for watching popular movies and videos include Netflix, Hulu and Crackle. These sites offer large selections of movies, TV shows and videos available to stream.

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Netflix ranks as one of the most popular streaming sites online, featuring an enormous selection of films and TV series. From action and drama to science fiction and horror, Netflix’s movie selection is one of the most robust online, and it also boasts a range of reality and scripted TV programming. The site has increasingly begun to focus on original content, offering respected series such as “House of Cards,” “Arrested Development” and “Daredevil.”

Hulu is one of the largest TV streaming sites online, but it offers a substantial selection of films as well. Hulu’s partnership with Miramax and the Criterion Collection gives it a library of lauded films, from modern blockbusters to classics of world cinema. The site also offers a huge selection of TV series both new and old, from “Seinfeld” to “Homeland.” Many current TV shows upload to Hulu the day after they air on television.

Crackle is another popular streaming site with a generous selection of TV shows and movies. The site’s partnership with Sony Pictures makes for a large selection of popular films, and Crackle also offers original programming, including “Sports Jeopardy” and “Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.”

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