What Are Graphics Packages?

graphics-packages Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Graphics packages are essentially kits that allow graphic artists to create several types of computer-generated artwork, such as paintings and drawings as well as photographs. Graphics packages are generally made specifically for one type of artwork, although there may be an overlap between packages that make them ideal for multiple forms of graphic expressions.

There are many types of graphics packages, although the four most common are packages for painting, drawing, CAD and other engineering software and photo editing. Painting packages are ideal for allowing artists to replicate the quality and feel of traditional painting electronically. Many painting packages allow for freehand drawing and coloring; this is typically performed using the computer mouse. Painting packages, like most software programs, vary in complexity and number of features, which ultimately influences price.

Some common features in painting packages are color palettes, which allow artists to choose the appropriate color, and pens, pencils and brushes, which come in different degrees of thickness. Drawing packages are similar to painting packages, as they allow artists to draw images freehand. However, drawing packages typically include geometrical picture layouts, complete with lines, coordinates and shapes.

Photo editing software can be used by individuals to crop, edit and fine-tune photographs. Images can be imported from digital cameras or scanned from real photographs, then modified by cropping, adjusting contrast and brightness and removing red eyes.