What Is a Graphic Organizer?


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A graphic organizer is a method of representing information using charts, diagrams, maps or other spatially related formats to help the user better understand the information and the relationship between different pieces of the data presented. Teachers use graphic organizers to help students brainstorm, analyze or organize concepts.

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A T-chart is a two-column chart that helps the user identify differences between two different subjects or find pros and cons to a particular idea. A KWL chart is a three-column chart that helps users identify what they already know in the first column, what they want to know in the second column and, finally, what they have learned in the third column after they have done research or have been taught about a subject.

A storyboard is a series of comic-like panels that helps the user form a coherent narrative, whereas a cluster diagram is a group of connected bubbles that helps users connect main ideas or categories with supporting details. A Venn diagram contains two or more overlapping circles and helps the user show differences and similarities between different categories.

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