What Do Graphic Designers Do?


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Graphic designers create visual media intended to communicate information that engages consumers. They design content for a range of media, including websites, magazines, books, posters, video games, product packaging, public displays and corporate branding.

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Graphic designers typically work in the service of clients or creative directors. Designers work to develop design ideas based on specifications provided by clients. The designer may also advise the client on strategies to reach audiences more effectively. Graphic designers typically juggle multiple projects at one time, and must accurately estimate the amount of time necessary to complete different designs.

Designers may be responsible for developing graphics or images that convey a product, whether it's the navigation menu for a website or the cover of a book. They typically choose most aspects of the design, including the colors, text style, images and overall layout. Nearly all graphic designers work with a computer, and designers must stay up-to-date on the most recent developments in graphic-design software, such as Photoshop.

Designers often work closely with writers, who choose the words that appear on a design. They may also work closely with advertisers and marketers to design promotional materials. After completing work on a design, graphic designers present the image to the client and then incorporate changes that the client suggests.

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