Are Graffiti-Style Letters Easy to Learn to Draw?


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Graffiti-style letters are relatively easy to draw. The basic foundation of graffiti-style letters is typography, and once this is understood, learning how to create letter outlines and different letter forms becomes fairly easy. Typography is the art of arranging letters in a visually appealing manner.

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Most graffiti artists have their unique ways of writing their letter forms and presenting their art. While the baseline is often the same, what sets innovative artists apart from the mediocre ones is their creativity. People who love to draw may find this art to be easy because they have that natural inclination to develop and create illustrations. People who are not particularly artistic can also learn how to draw graffiti-style letters by practicing and observing other artists' work and then coming up with a unique style of writing their own letter forms. They can draw their inspiration from just about anywhere - cartoons, comics, art and illustrations.

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