What Does GQ Mean?

What Does GQ Mean?

In the military, the abbreviation GQ stands for "General Quarters," which is a signal to the crew on a navy ship to prepare for battle. However, when referencing the American men's magazine, GQ stands for "Gentlemen's Quarterly."

The military command:

GQ is used exclusively in naval branches of the military. In the modern era, a call to General Quarters takes place over a ship's intercom. It is a rapidly repeating bell sound that is modeled after the old method of ringing the ship's bell five times at 5-second repeats.

The magazine:

GQ magazine launched in 1931, and it is the oldest men's-only publication on the market. Starting as a fashion magazine for wholesale buyers, it developed into a cultural magazine throughout the 20th century. In 2014, it publishes new issues each month in more than 18 countries and operates a successful website.