What Is Goya's Style of Painting?


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Spanish painter Francisco Goya is known for his paintings in the romanticism style. The Metropolitan Museum of Art heralds Goya as the most important Spanish artist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Romanticism paintings dealt with, and often glorified, intangible concepts such as survival, ideals, hope and despair. Romanticism art contrasted with the Classicism style, which featured more emotional restraint.

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Although Goya began his artist craft with lighthearted paintings, he soon moved to sadder and more conceptual works. Early on, he painted cartoons and designs for the royal tapestry factory in Madrid. While painting scenes of everyday life, Goya observed human behavior. At age 40, he was the official painter for King Charles III, and later he painted for King Charles IV. During this time, he became ill and completely deaf. He painted a world of ghosts and fantastic creatures from his dreams and visions. In 1799, he published a series of etchings about human folly and weakness, which ushered in his romantic phase. Once he no longer worked for a royal court, he painted in a more personal style. Without restrictions, he expressed his deepest and darkest visions and ideas. Goya died in Bordeaux in April 1828.

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