What Do Gothic Fairies Look Like?


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Gothic fairies are mostly depicted as females and typically have long, flowing hair that is either dark or ghostly white. They traditionally have pale skin with either soft, earthy eye makeup or heavy, smoky eye makeup. Many artists who paint or draw Gothic fairies, such as Amy Brown and Rebecca Sinz, depict them with pointy ears and sometimes give them horns. The males typically have dark curvy embellishments on their faces. Overall, Gothic fairies have a dark, otherworldly look.

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Female Gothic fairies typically wear highly romantic, flowing garments, such as robes and gowns. The material of their garments can be light and sheer or dark and heavy. Gothic fairies that wear shorter garments often have striped tights. The males often wear black leather or other dark materials. In some artistic portrayals of them, Gothic fairies carry long staffs.

In artistic portrayals, Gothic fairies sometimes have glossy wings that resemble leaves, making them look earthy and natural. Other times, they have dense, feathery wings that are angel-like, making them appear as fallen angels.

Artists such as Brown and Sinz usually place their Gothic fairies in outdoor scenes in the evening or at night time. A typical motif is of a female Gothic fairy in the moonlight. They are also often set against a stormy or foggy sky.

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