Which Gospel Musicians Make Their Music Available for Free Download?

Independent gospel musicians, such as Sandra McCracken and Alison Brook, provide free music downloads online. McCracken is a gospel singer and songwriter whose songs have been sung in churches and conferences nationwide. As of 2015, her latest album, “Psalms,” features a collection of songs that contain various Biblical texts. Brook is a gospel singer who has been singing since the age of 2. While attending college, she began focusing on performing and has since released full-length albums.

NoiseTrade.com and Jamendo.com provide collections of many other free and legal gospel song downloads. By visiting either website, users are allowed to view the gospel music category to see several featured artists. Both websites also allow visitors to view brief biographies on most artists and links to find more information about them.

As of 2015, NoiseTrade is commonly used as a promotional platform by independent artists. Free music downloads are made available if the user provides a valid email address and ZIP code. The music files are then sent by email in a folder as MP3 files. The service encourages users to promote favorite artists on various social media websites. An option is also available for fans to leave donations or tips to the artists for providing free music.